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Low Credit Limit

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Low Credit Limit

I started rebuilding my credit score about a year ago and I now have three CC.  My credit limits are:


$2500  balance of $1000

$1000  balance of $0

$500    balance of $0


I just receive the credit cards with zero balance.  Would it be better if I keep the balance to zero or to show some activity on these cards.

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Re: Low Credit Limit

Who are the creditors for those cards?


I would suggest that you use the card every couple of months. If its HSBC though, its in these forums that you would actually have to use it a lot to keep it from being closed or to expect any CLIs. 


Try and keep the overall UTL @ 9% and rotate your cards accordingly. 

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Re: Low Credit Limit

You could always use them all and just pay most off before the statement date and thus they will report a zero balance. Rotate which card reports a balance and you should be golden.
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Re: Low Credit Limit

Thank for the feedback.  It was much appreciated.Smiley Happy
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Re: Low Credit Limit

If you mean have "report zero" because you PIF, that's great.  If you mean don't use....well CCC's do want you to use them.  As the 'ole saying goes....use it or lose it Smiley Happy  Just don't run em up....treat em like a debit card.

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