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Lowest American Express Delta credit purchase APR


Lowest American Express Delta credit purchase APR

Wondering what's the lowest standard purchase APR (not promo or intro or limited time APR. like privately offered APRs, grandfathered in for ANY Delta American Express credit card. (The options/ blue af & no af/ gold / platinum & reserve. )

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Re: Lowest American Express Delta credit purchase APR

The more relevant question is, what effective Plan It rates are people seeing on their AMEX revolvers, Delta cards included.


The regular purchase APR's are being systematically raised to standard rates, in my experience. 

My experience with Plan It, however, results in very appealing APR on specific charges I want to pay over several months, without interest charges contaminating all the other spend I intend to PIF on these high AF cards.  

High Bal Jan 2009 $116k on $146k limits 80% Util.
Oct 2014 $46k on $127k 36% util EQ 722 TU 727 EX 727
April 2018 $18k on $344k 5% util EQ 806 TU 810 EX 812
Jan 2019 $7.6k on $360k EQ 832 TU 839 EX 831
March 2021 $33k on $312k EQ 796 TU 798 EX 801
May 2021 Paid all Installments and Mortgages, one new Mortgage EQ 761 TY 774 EX 777
April 2022 EQ=811 TU=807 EX=805 - TU VS 3.0 765
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Re: Lowest American Express Delta credit purchase APR

On sign-up: 17.24% to 26.24%. I can't swear to it, but in the 18 months or so I've been looking, I've never noticed a 0% interest SUB on a co-branded Amex. 


My interest rate is 24.24 and my plan it rate is "up to" 1.07% monthly, although I've never used either.


Amex's Plan it has clear advantages for both them and the cardholder compared to traditional revolving credit. There's a set amount and term, so Amex gets paid back more quickly and dependably, while the borrower benefits from a much lower than usual interest rate for credit cards.



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