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Luck with American Express???

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Luck with American Express???

Lately I haven't had the greatest luck with my credit. After years of reading through this fico bible I have disappointed myself. So my point is my goal since I started my credit journey was to have a green card. What kind of scores do you think would I need? I currently don't know my scores. I am waiting for some accounts to show a zero balance and my score to go up. I currently have a zync card that I have never been late on. Will that help? My other cards are a Bank of America, Target, and Nationwide Visa that I opened in 08 and Cap1 Secured, Wells Secured and JcPenney I opened in 2010. Im worried because I just closed several useless accounts. Soon  my util will be at 0. Will that help?

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Re: Luck with American Express???


Start here:


Answer all questions honestly and to the best of your ability. You can also obtain non-Fico scores for free through Equifax free trial and Credit Karma. Just sign up for the Equifax one and cancel before free trial expiration date so you will not get billed. Credit Karma utilizes TransUnion and is always free, you can keep updating your score everyday and it is pretty detailed. I would guess you'd need above 680+ for a chance at Amex but not sure, anything above 700+ Fico with utilization below 15% should be fine though.


Credit Karma:

Equiax Score Watch:

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Re: Luck with American Express???

Thanks Fenerbahce! I'll have to do that. Thanks for the info.

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Re: Luck with American Express???

+1. i check my ck nearly everyday!
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Re: Luck with American Express???

To tempus : Closed account stay on your report for 10 years so in this part you dont have to worry about that.

Why dont you buy your TRUE Fico score here ???? Let us know where you are in the game and plus its look like you stand on very good on your current credit card. I wonder why would you want a Green card for since you already had a Zync>?????They are not much different. Used your zync for at least 6 months to one years and app for their revolver.........Dont closed anymore card keep the history solid and only closed card came with AF.

Do you have any baddies on your reprot ???? Jyst purchase your report here or sign up for a 10day trial. You should be fine.


youngandcreditwrthy wrote:
+1. i check my ck nearly everyday!



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