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Credit314 wrote:

I just got my Travelocity amex in the mail from barclays this past weekend and it stated my fico was 803 as well. Considering the many different fico scores there are out there who really know what there scores are.

Barclays is probably the only known user of TU98 left.  They are the only ones that I can think of other than the MyFico score you can buy here. 


EQ Fico 8 - 846
TU Fico 8 - 848
EX Fico 8 - 836
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@ webhopper

thanks for the suggestion. Lounge access would be cool but I love also the cash back very much. So I will try out the CapOne Visa Signature which is on the way to me and try to pay off several time a month as I have no clue when the reporting will take place.  I will just leave a balance of less than 7% on for reporting and set an automatic payment plan to guarantee not miss a payment.  

Will be curious to see what impact this will have.  Why did I not think of this myself? 

Once I have the 800+ I might look into other cards but for now I think the CapOne Visa Signature is a good solution for me. Lounge access would be cool but having the Senator status for Miles & More it gives me access if I fly on any Star Alliance airlines.  Not too bad either.


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webhopper wrote:

lg8302ch wrote:

Hi to everybody


I am very new to looking at my credit score because I live outside the US for now 26 years.   Discover just declined a pre-screen application offer and I had been told that my "revolving" balances are too high.  Well I do only have credit cards in the US  which I pay  the bill in full every month by  an automatic payment plan at the due date so I will not have to think to miss a payment. Like this I have 100% score in the past 7 years.  But BofA has reported a minimum payment of 15USD  only and "pays as agreed" to the Fico.  With open balances of each card of 600-1000USD and a minimum payment of 15USD it is understandable that I get denied. But I do pay every bill in full every month but since I use the cards constantly the "open" amount each month is pretty much the same and it looks that I would not pay my bills. Improving my scores are a mission impossible? Or would it help to pay part early  manually before the automatic payment it done automatically?


Is it normal that the credit card company reports the minimm amount of 15USD if  the balance is always paid in full? My goal to get close to the 800 is out of reach like this or does anybody know how to improof the score but still use my credit cards?  I am pretty lost here and it does not look right to me that I get treated the same way as if I would pay  off 15USD only  every month by paying 600-1000USD every month. Anyway to improve my score and not stop using my cards. Simulation of increasing the credit line did not bring any results as it is far from being max out and stays below 10%. 


Any suggestion appreciated to reach my goal of 800+ on all ... 




If you switch your spending to an Amex Charge card, your utilization will not count against you, and you can automatically PIF every month with no issues.  I'm not sure what your spending or travel habits are, but Amex platinum offers free companion airline tickets if you travel first class.  Also, free lounge access and no foreign transaction fees.  If you do a lot of international travel with a wife or significant other, you may be able to save a lot of money and have a better quality travel experience.

just my two cents Smiley Happy


On the other hand,  One option is to pay a large amount several days ahead of when your statement is generated.  Best of luck to you!!

Doesn't always though, if your card reports off-cycle Robot Sad


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thks so much. it looks that it gets reported off cycle. so I started to pay off several times a month and keep util 5-7% on each card and testing out. if no impact I will try to report a 0 balance but this is quite a difficult mission. had a 0 balance and then it did not get even reported. shows as N/A (not reported) on the credit report. will try to achieve a 0 balance reporting from another card and leave 1USD on the other so see if 1USD will get reported. Also wonder what difference a flexible spending card account with a 5K credit line compared to a credit card with 5K will do in terms of util? the flexible spending card is new but looks that the 5K are counted in total credit line so far. at least with EX and TU. CS, CK show the total credit line incl. the 5K from the flexible spending card account but % of util looks strange. will have fun testing impacts with % reporting in util  Smiley Happy


(not important for me - more like a hobby to check how far up I can get)

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