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Macy's Amex CLI

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Macy's Amex CLI

Hi guys,


I recently was approved for the Amex version (SL $7200) at the store, can i recon this limit?, based in your experiences when is the best time to call?, after i received the card?, or 30-60-90 days?, will CLI result in a new HP ??. Also will this the best number for that?


Macy's: 800-477-2167 ( Credit Account Specialist, reconsideration and limit increases)


Thanks in advance Smiley Wink

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Re: Macy's Amex CLI

Good luck with this.  I just got one a couple of weeks ago with a $2,000 limit and tried to get a recon to a higher amount and was told they would need to see more usage history before they could increase it.  I was trying to get them to match my Macy's store card limit.  I'm going to try again at the 60 day mark and see if they will do an increase like Amex Everyday does.

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