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Macy's CC Reinstatement Program

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Re: Macy's CC Reinstatement Program

Well I would just love it if they reopened the original account. My original Macy's account was opened on 1977 and when A&S closed my account with them was converted into a separate Macy's account, which was opened pre-1980. Unfortunately they just don't do that. However, they were kind enough to send me an invitation to work out my original account in return for a new account, which I am oh so glad I did. That got me a store account with a GL of $700 that was opened in 1990. That account now has a $3.7K GL and led to an invitation to accept a Macy's Visa (accept as in no INQ) which recently showed up with a $4K CL. Macy's is very good and can be oh so kind. Just don't BK them. That's the end.
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