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Macy's CLI from 100 to 600cl

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Macy's CLI from 100 to 600cl

Went shopping today with my Macy's card I open in April 2010. I had 100cl spent 98.00 today came home called Macy's just a few minutes ago to ask for increase and was granted 500 more. I know they don't report cl any more, but this was my first ever cli. So I'm happy as can be and wanted to share with the greatest credit forum around Smiley Happy. Bye the way they do ask Three questions like what type of car you finance were you use to live I guess they were for some type of security purpose that they compare to your credit profile. I'm going to pull my mpm report in a few to make sure they didn't hard inq me. TU610 eq632.

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Re: Macy's CLI from 100 to 600cl

Congrats on the increase!!  Let us know if they HP for it.


I ended up replacing the non reporting macy's CL with CLI on other cards since I have some BT balances and wanted to keep UTI down as I payed


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Re: Macy's CLI from 100 to 600cl

Congrats swins24,


CLI's are fun stuff!  Way to go!!!


And it's good to know that Macy's is still giving out CLI's even though they're not reporting them. 

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Re: Macy's CLI from 100 to 600cl

Macy's seems to be pretty good with CLs.  They were the only co that didn't cut mine after a CC charge-off.


JCP still reports CLs, btw.

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Re: Macy's CLI from 100 to 600cl

what is the minimum required? Who do they pull?

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