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Macy's Contact Info?

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Macy's Contact Info?

So, I reallly want a Macy's card. Don't ask me why, I just do. I apped last year and was declined, I apped this year and was declined. I look at my credit report and there are THREE hard pulls from Macy's.

One from 08/04/2012 
One from 06/13/2011
One from 06/11/2011

WHY would they do two hard pulls within two days of each other? I did not see those two HPs when I checked my CR earlier this year, although they must have been there...

How do I fix this?           

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Re: Macy's Contact Info?

Post your credit profile and let us see what's causing the problem.  Open accounts, balances, how long open and your credit scores.  Don't apply for more credit until you find out where you stand.

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