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Macy's Help

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Macy's Help

I have been sending GW letters to Macy's religiously for the last 5 months. In 2006 I had lates reporting on my acocunt. (1) 30 which became (1) 60 which became (1) 90 day late. So I have been writing GW letters to try to get them removed. Okay finally early this month I received news back that they would accomadate my request. I checked my credit reports and the lates are gone but so is my credit limit. So i was wondering is anyone familar with this? Are they planning to remporarily remove them and then later add them back? Should I try to contact them to get them to report my limit? I know I still can use the card cause I have since then it's just that my limit is not reporting now..

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Re: Macy's Help

There's is a long thread dedicated to the issue of Macy's CLs disappearing from credit reports.  It's not just you, and it had nothing to do with the GW removal of your late payments.



It appears that the non-reporting of CLs is going to be Macy's policy from now on.  Asking them to report your CL is probably going to be a fruitless effort.



ETA: forgot to say congrats for getting your lates removed!

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