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Macy's Reporting Question?

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Re: Macy's Reporting Question?

Jazzzy wrote:

Mailak wrote:

I too would suspect your Macy's charge card would be on its way.


I only got the Macy's card when I applied but I think I might have opted out on the screen since I was unsure I would qualify for a real credit card.

When I applied, they didn't even ask me or explain that there were 2 credit lines. I had no idea I was getting an AmEx line. I was in the store. They asked my SS#, annual household income, and house payment. That's all. Fastest and easiest app I ever made. I think right now my FICOs are in the 760-770 range (no lates).

Yeah,the employee couldn't care less. I think I only knew because I read the prompts carefully and then read the pamphlet after I was approved.  He actually urged me to "just put 40k" as income so that I qualify. I think they get some commission if they persuade you to apply. I wouldn't have applied otherwise but I bought $500 worth of goods and it was Friends and Family day, so I got myself a good discount and I was looking to test the credit waters.


After that, I kept checking my mail hoping to somehow get an AMEX delivered Smiley LOL

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