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Macy's Store Card APR Increase

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Macy's Store Card APR Increase

I received a paper Macy's bill in the mail. This is important because I am set up for electronic billing so I normally just glance at the online amount due and pay. I opened this bill and under the account summary it has the phrase being used across the nation, "IMPORTANT NOTICE OF CHANGES IN ACCOUNT TERMS AND RIGHT TO OPT OUT). Store card rates are terrible anyway, so Im not sure how how Macy's APR will go. I didnt get hit too hard.  My current rate is 23.99% and the new variable rate effective Nov 19 is 24.50%.


I am so use to getting a separate mailer regarding change in terms I just wanted to remind everyone (as stated on the boards by many) it is important to open your bills and read what is going on. Not sure if the APR rate is applicable to Macy's Visa, but those of you with one or both may want to check. I just got my HELOC and now I have no idea where to begin with of my APR increases geesh.

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Re: Macy's Store Card APR Increase

A Macy's insider posted on CB a while ago that there would be a global Macy's APRI forthcoming in this time frame. According to him all would get it and it would be to the same APR. It will be interesting to see how true that is.
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