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Macy's card backdating?

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Macy's card backdating?

Hello Fico Forums!Smiley Very Happy First I would like to thank everyone for being so helpful and I am learning a lot from reading all the posts. I've been busy rebuilding-from 520EQ,560TU Ficos and 525EXP(Fako) in May 09 to 670EQ,700TU Ficos and 665 Exp(Fako) August 09! I started off by getting a secured Wells Fargo Visa($500CL then added $1500=$2000CL) and a Premiere Visa($250CL). Waited a couple of months and kept utilities@ 2%/3%-then opened Savings/Checking Accts. w/NFCU and applied for Flagship Visa-got instant approval for $15k @ 12.9% over the phone-3 days later applied for NavChek and after faxing paystubs and W-2 was approved for another $15k! WOW!Smiley Wink Next will be Alliant CU when my EQ score gets around 690 and I want a store card,probably Macy's. Which leads me to my main question: I was recently shopping in Macy's and of course they asked if I wanted to app for a Macy's card-Told them that I am soon and that I shouldn't have closed the card I had 8yrs. agoSmiley Sad! She then said that I should check into getting my card backdated once I open a new account and another customer said that she had recently done the same with a card that was over 9yrs. old. Has anyone else heard of this happening. And if I get my card backdated, what effect will it have on my Ficos- my AAoA is 3yrs. and Length of Credit History is 5 yrs. 1mnth. Also as far as utilities-I've kept my utilities to 3% max.-but next month my utilities will be around 8%max-how will this affect my Ficos? Once again, THANK YOU! Smiley HappySmiley Very Happy
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Re: Macy's card backdating?

My understanding is that Macys does not reopen accounts and that it would not be possible to backdate your TL. Best thing for you to do would be to call them, see if they can call up your old account on their system and ask. If you don't like the answer don't be afraid to call again and ask another rep or a supervisor. Please post back here if you find out the answer is yes!
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