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Macy's or Kohl's or Target....

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Re: Macy's or Kohl's or Target....

Discover deals shows Macy's @ 5% online as well.  The only perk to the Macy's card is the shopping passes if you shop there often.  They have some other rewards program that escalates as you spend per year almost like a frequent flyer program in 3 tiers if I recall correctly.  You can also sign up for the shopping passes w/o getting the card though.  There's been some weird stories though about Macy's/DSNB/Citi in how they manage the card and the online portal is a bit of a pain to deal with.  

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Re: Macy's or Kohl's or Target....



I have had the red card debit for 10 months; I finally decided to apply for the credit version it was a personal decision on my part. I am willing to wait it out for a few years in hopes of being upgraded to the MasterCard version. I spend a lot of time in Target, and subtracting my purchases from my checking account by hand was getting old. When you use the RedCard Debit it does not post to your account instantly rather they initiate ACH's that can take a few days to come out of your account. Therefore if you are not careful in subtracting the amount you spend you can go into overdraft with your checking account incurring those fees along with the RedCard Debit card's fees for returned payments. I believe this issue was highly publicized in a court case/settlement recently.


I have the Kohls Card I love it, you can pay it off at the register instantly if you want to spend more than your credit limit; I believe the payment ups your credit limit instantly if you pay in cash I am not sure, though, as I have never paid more than $40-$50 at the register. You will just have to do multiple transactions.


I started out at $300 then pressed the CLI button as soon as my account was 6months old and they upped me to $700..... If you spend more than $600 you get 18 percent off coupons a year along with Birthday rewards..... Kohls is issued by Capital One if that is of interest, I know some people are biased to certain lenders. If you miss a payment they have a penalty APR that they institute.


I am biased however because I am in Kohls weekly...



Have you checked out Von Maur? They are like Nordstrom but smaller their card is interest-free forever; I do not see myself getting rid of that card. Being able to get things and pay monthly without interest is awesome. They do free shipping and free gift wrap which keeps me shopping during the Holidays. They also manage their card privately if American based customer service is something you want, I know I have some difficulty understand the Kohls representatives at times.



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Re: Macy's or Kohl's or Target....

My 2 cents:

Kohl's-Absoutley! Fav store card. They have tons of sales for cardholders only and even more for "extra" discounts when sales are on for cardholders.

Target: No way. 2 reasons. The starting CL and CLI policy sucks. Big time sucks. Also-Debit does the same thing.

Macy's-Toss up. If you have a Discover card or any other type of accounts like debates.... I'd say no. Personally I like Nordstroms and Dillard's better.

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Re: Macy's or Kohl's or Target....

Here's my 2 cents. Like you said, get the Target debit. I am at Target...ahem...daily....(it's truly sad the amount I'm there) and loooove my debit. I've saved close to $500 for the year just on that, plus cartwheel. It's my little slice of heaven! I had the Kohl's card for years too, but I eventually closed it. I never got increases and I was never there enough to jusitfy it. I have debated re-apping for it now that I have a kid and he needs clothes, but haven't yet. They do give discounts and deals BUT the thing I don't like about Kohl's is they jack the price up in order to bring it down with the coupons, and ultimately I can never use the coupons on anything I need (like my Nike obsession). Macy's, I rarely shop there so in my world it's a pointless card, but my grandfather has it and LOVES it. He has the Amex version which is nice. I doubt any of what I said was helpful, but let us know what you end up going with!

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Re: Macy's or Kohl's or Target....

Thanks everyone for your input!  I decided not to go forward with any of the cards.  I am going to use the Targt debit to get the addtional 5% and I decided to use my Discover to get the additional savings with Macy's and Kohl's. I came to the conclusion that it just wasn't worth it to manage another credit card despite any additional savings I may get being a cardholder. Anyhow, thanks again and Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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Re: Macy's or Kohl's or Target....

I only use my Kohl's card two or three times a year but I know I save at least 50 bucks or more doing so. Sure some things are marked up and then you take the 30% off but it ends up being cheaper It's way more than 5% off. The sales at Kohl's are much more often than Macy's or Target, I know it's hard to defend that with the holidays right now
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Re: Macy's or Kohl's or Target....

Slickdeals is a good site for when to attack sales
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Re: Macy's or Kohl's or Target....

I have all 3 and use them regularly.  They all have good benefits. 

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Re: Macy's or Kohl's or Target....

I have a Kohls card as I buy almost all of my clothes there so the extra discounts they give for using the card have saved me a lot of money but that's only true if you do NOT carry a balance ever as the interest is very high.  I typically will use my card and then make an internet payment to cover the charge so I never ever have a balance on that card.  If you can be discliplined to do that, then it's a good deal, but if you're going to be tempted to carry a balance the interest will cost you move than you've saved.

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Re: Macy's or Kohl's or Target....

I have the Target credit card since 12/2015. I didn't want to use the Target Debit card for fear that someone could drain my checking or savings account using it.


I've had 3 credit cards compromised in 2016 so far, so I am serious about avoiding debit cards. Target started me at $1000 credit limit, and increased it to $1600 after 4 months with very little use. It would be great if they would upgrade me to the Mastercard version, but I can deal with the store credit card version.

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