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Macys Upgrade to AMEX

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Re: Macys Upgrade to AMEX

@mokong  WOW congrats! in this case I was talking for my dad he has had his macys since nov'10 and current has a 1.5K CL and $0 balance. Maybe his high UTL is what is not allowing him to upgrade. Macys must want yo to have low debt ratio and high scores for an upgrade. As soon as he pays it off his scores should boost up to 740 which will be awesome!

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Re: Macys Upgrade to AMEX

@pdog661 Yes! thats what my parents are saying. Smiley Happy 1K is a great start, lately Ive rive seen CLI from macys cad holders from the forums. You should request a cIi once you build a great payment history. Congrats on apprval!

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