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March Walmart TU Fico

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Re: March Walmart TU Fico

693!!! almost 700!!!!


from 603 in October 2012 90 pts in 5 months!!!



Amex PRG NPSL, Amex Delta 2k (AU) Discover iT 5k, BOFA Siggy $5k, BOFA AlaskaAir Siggy 5k, BBVA Compass $5k! Macy's $4.5k, C1 $2.5, SFCU $2.5k, SFCU LOC $2k, Paypal SmartC $4k, Sam's 5.5k Victoria Secret $2k, Kay's $1.7k.,76/Citi $1.5k Amazon $5k, Walmart Disco $3k JC Penny $4k, C1 $2.5, BBRZ 700.
Starting:TU:536 EXP:561 : EQ:552 Current:TU:680 Walmart (2-15-14)EXP:712 FICO!! (12-4-13):EQ:622 (FICO 2-6-14) Uti 27% Goal: 720 By 12-13.
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Re: March Walmart TU Fico

Down 3 for me, up 11 for DW.



Gardening 18 Apr 2018-01 Nov 2018. Race me for the Gold!
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10/01/17 Fico8 scores: EX 660, EQ 647, TU 663
01/01/18 Fico8 scores: EX 655, EQ 661, TU 650
04/01/18 Fico8 scores: EX 637, EQ 630, TU 644 ow!
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Re: March Walmart TU Fico

LS2982 wrote:

android01 wrote:

Holding steady at:


March 2013 FICO.jpg


I really want that last five points! Smiley Very Happy

Forget the 5 points your score currently is very impressive!!! CONGRATS!!


Thanks, LS and everyone else.  At this point in life, I don't worry so much about credit lines, CLI's etc.  It's ALL about the score with me.  It stems from my obsession to get the highest possible score, which stems from my obsession to get a 4.0 in college years ago, which I did!  To me, it's ALL about the score.  I NEED that 5 points like others need new TL's or CLI's.  I constantly tweak with letting balances report (or not) and I'll get that 850 some day.  Smiley Very Happy 850 is possible with TU08, but not with any of the 04 models.  From what I've read elsewhere, 818 (I'm currently at 817) is the max you can get from the EQ Beacon 5 score (Myfico), 842 is the max you can get with Experian's version II, and it's 830 something for the antique TU98 score (Myfico).  So, my quest continues....   

EQ Fico 8 - 846
TU Fico 8 - 848
EX Fico 8 - 836
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Holding steady at 683 for the 3rd month in a row. Really...

Holding steady at 683 for the 3rd month in a row.  Really wish I could see my experian score, since my last baddie has fallen off of there, but my reporting util is 14% right now, so it wouldn't be my "maximum" score.

Starting Score: MyFico TU: 621 EQ: 610
Current Score: Discover TU: 829 Discover EX: 827
Goal Score: 700's baby! (made it 4/10/2013!)
New Goal: 830!!
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walmart tu

up 31 points

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Re: walmart tu




Up 7 points!!!

Starting Score: EQ=665,TU=618 on Oct 9,2010
EQ=702,TU=725 on Apr 11, 2012 EQ=705 on Oct 31, 2012 Current Score: EQ=702, TU=714 on Dec 8, 2012
Goal Score: 750

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Re: walmart tu

+ 2 points to 652.  Baby steps! Smiley Happy 

Cap 1 - $23,000 / Lowe’s - $17,000 / Barclay Rewards - $15,000 / Capital 1 - $15,000 / Walmart - $15,000
Cap 1 - $12,000 / PenFed - $10,000 / JC Penney - $10,000 / Discover IT - $6500 / Barclay Apple Rewards - $5400
Merrick - $2400 - Total - $131,300

EQ - 745 / TU - 732 / EX - 742
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Re: Walmart TU Fico

UP 8 Points! Yahoo! Smiley Very Happy


From 756 to 764!

CL $317,649
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Re: March Walmart TU Fico

I'm UP 10 points, woo hoo!

Starting Score: 675
Current Score: FICO- 798 (02/21/18)
Goal Score: 800+ All Three

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Re: March Walmart TU Fico

Mine went from 727 to 731... something is better than nothing with an increase.
NFCU Flagship Sig (24.5k); NFCU CashRewards (24.5k); NFCU NavCheck (15k); Chase Sapphire Preferred (15k) ;Chase Marriott Rewards (14k);US Bank Flex Perks (9k); Barclays Rewards (8k); Chase Freedom (14k); BOA Travel Rewards Sig (20k); BOA Privileges with Cash Rewards Sig (9k); Discover IT (6.5k); Walmart Discover (3k); Wells Fargo Platinum (9.5k); Wells Fargo LOC (10k); Bloomingdales Amex (5k); Macy's Amex (5k); Paypal Extras Mastercard (6k); Bananna Republic Visa (5.5k); Lowes (6k); Sams Club Discover (5k)....In the garden since 8/15/13

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