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Marriott Credit Card Upgrade

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Re: Marriott Credit Card Upgrade

@ssrate1 wrote:

Another question if you don't mind?


"You would ideally get new chase cards with big bonuses then move the limit from the non premier mariott and close. "


I've seen references to this in various threads. Are you saying I can combine my credit limits on multiple cards onto one card?


For instance if I have $8,000 on Chase Marriott Personal, $13,000 on Chase Amazon Personal - can I call Chase, ask them to close Amazon and have $21,000 on Marriott alone?


What if I opened a Marriott Premier Business and got a $15,000 limit? Can I combine the Marriott Personal into the Premier a month later to get a $23,000 limit?

You cannot combine personal and biz credit limits afaik. Might be possible with other banks, but not sure.


You would likely  be able to get a big limit on the CSR and CSP as long as your income supports it.


And really you don't need to have huge huge limits on a hotel card since most of its point earning would be form hotel stays. Vs a card like a CSP or CSR where its used for dining and all travel (and of course the bonus earning period).


Why are you hesitant to get these cards when you have such low inquiries/new accounts, and scores to support it?  Theres a million different ways to do it, but your best bet is CSR, CSP, Ink 80k, and both mariott premiers.  Then move on to other banks. 


If you absolutely refuse, then at the least get both mariott cards.

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Re: Marriott Credit Card Upgrade

Thank you elim and jfriend33 for the tips!


Did some research and the combine limits makes things so much easier. I'll ask Chase to combine my personal Marriot into Amazon (which is the older account) for a $25K limit and get a new Marriott Business Premier to get the points. Will you let you know what they say. Very happy.

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Re: Marriott Credit Card Upgrade

Update - I had to wait four weeks until I closed on my property but success!! I got a Marriot Business Premier with a 11K line and then closed my Marriott Personal to add it to my Chase Amazon for a new limit of 24K. Very happy, thanks for the tips!

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