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Mastercards w/current sign-up bonus?

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Mastercards w/current sign-up bonus?

Hi all,


Does anyone know of any current sign-up bonus offers for cards that are (or can be) issued as Mastercards? I'm looking to take advantage of the Masterpass promotion by Plastiq, whereby you can make payments to (in my case) student loans without the usual 2.5% Plastiq processing fee as long as you use a Mastercard via Masterpass. 


I'd prefer just cashback/statement credit (because the bonus is going to the student loan as well), but miles, etc. might be an option if the offer is good.


I'm already heavily exercising my DoubleCash, but of course only get the 2% cashback on that.  It would be nice to pick up a bonus along the way to paying down my loan...  If all else fails, I *could* just make straight payments from checking to student loan, but where's the fun in that? 


I'm pretty-many/24 and have no green checkmarks at the moment, so even if Chase does MCs, it's not an option for me.


Thanks for any info...


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Re: Mastercards w/current sign-up bonus?

You can look into a variety of MC products with ongoing SUBs for lenders like HSBC, BMO Harris, Key Bank, Bank of America, etc.
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Re: Mastercards w/current sign-up bonus?

I would examine the offerings of Citi (AA, maybe TY Premier) and Barclaycard (Arrival+ but probably not Arrival Premier, several airlines).


Incidentally, Chase does issue two IHG cards as MC.


Or did I misunderstand and you're only looking at debit or prepaid products?

Protections: CSR, Schwab Platinum, Costco, Double Cash
Rewards/Offers: BBP, CF, CFU, Discover, ED, BCE
Annual nights: IHG, Hyatt, SPG
PIN: Arrival
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Re: Mastercards w/current sign-up bonus?

True, but (for instance) if I look at BofA, I can see there's a SUB for the Cash Rewards, but it takes scrolling down to the fine print (or, I guess, a control-F) to determine if this is a Mastercard or not (turns out it is).  They don't bother specifying anywhere obvious, and normally I wouldn't care or even notice, so I'm not sure who normally issues MCs and who does Visas.  


I was just hoping anybody with *recent experience* could give me a pointer off the top of the head; I wasn't asking anybody to do my research for me 8-).  Sorry if I gave that impression.


Thanks for the reply.


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Re: Mastercards w/current sign-up bonus?

Thanks, that's exactly what I was looking for...  I'll look into those issuers and see what's what.   I guess I have heard of using prepaid/debit through Plastiq, but with the current Masterpass promo, Mastercard *credit* products are fee-free (with restrictions on amount/pmt, but so far no limit on number of payments made), so that's what it pays to use...

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