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Maxing a card out question

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Re: Maxing a card out question

Even if you let it report, it's no big deal. As long as you are not applying for any sort of credit or loan, just let balances report.

I let my credit card balances report whenever I'm not applying for credit, but I do pay my entire statement in full by the next cycle, so i never get charged any interests. Sometimes I have more than 1 maxed out card reporting, and there's been instances where my CSP and other cards were at >100% utilization, though at different times.

Never had any sort of any issues with any banks. The only downside is that your score takes a temporary hit with all the high utilization reporting, but if you are not seeking credit, then it doesn't matter.
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Re: Maxing a card out question

+1 US Bank 100%
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Re: Maxing a card out question

longtimelurker wrote:

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odbbza wrote:

Ok I appreciate the quick responses... I'm trying to set up a auto pay of a new CC actually and I'm deciding what bills I want the CC to pay for (then pay the CC off right away).


edit: Do I just ask the company when they report or how will I find that out?

Most report right after the statements cut! It shows on reports a few days later

Note the "Most".  US Bank reports at the end of the month, regardless of statement date.   I don't know other exceptions but tell us what the card is in case others know.


Amex, Discover and PedFed does it right after statement cuts!

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Re: Maxing a card out question

It's a Capital One quicksilver one cash rewards.

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