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May I say some thing ?

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Re: May I say some thing ?

I have 2 store cards:

Macy's: For all the same reasons as has already been mentioned. Also, this card is a Visa and is about to be upgraded to Platinum status which means I will soon be getting 3% rewards on all in store purchases, free shipping/alterations/gift wrapping. I think this is a very good deal.

Kay's: Just bought DW a ring for our anniversary and I have 12 months interest free financing. Card also gives no hassle returns, exchanges, etc. This also currently my highest CL so it improves my FICO.

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Re: May I say some thing ?

I just got a JCPenney Card. My Mother in Law just retired from JCPenney, and her discounts are incredible! It only made sense for us to get this card when we need back to school stuff, etc...
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Re: May I say some thing ?

Great question, one that I've been pondering myself since joining this forum. I actively began trying to improve my credit in August of this year. Prior to that I was clueless & stopped using/closed/defaulted on  my credit cards all together a few years ago. August I recieved an HSBC for 300 & a Cap 1 for 300, Cap 1 auto-cli'd to 500 in 3 months. Just with those 2 sub-prime cards I'm now almost back in the 700's.

I don't plan on taking on another CC until August of 08' as I have my eyes on a Performance Bicycle Rewards MasterCard from Juniper. I'm an avid cyclist so it fits right into my needs. I guess what I'm trying to say is that 2 crappy sub-prime cards used wisely can boost your credit scores just as effectively as larger CL's used effectively. It's all in how you use the cards you have.

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