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Miles cards

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Miles cards

My partner is looking to get a miles card for his other business and is curious what the CLs on these cards (ie from Chase, Citi, etc) are these days. I know there is no solid answer, but is it ever, for example, less than $1000? Or more than $20k? Is there any range? Not that a score alone will help, but I think he is around 710 mid with no recent problems. I just wonder if you can actually get enough of a CL to make the card worthwhile.
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Re: Miles cards

I have the Chase United MP Visa.  It started out with a 7k line and after a hard pull went to 12k in a year.  


However, it is a visa signature, so there is no preset spending limit.

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Re: Miles cards

I have Chase United Mileage Plus that I opened in Feb '06. It started with a $10K line and it's paid in full every month. A few months after I had it I did ask for CLI because between business and wedding I was going to go over. They bumped it to $13,500, but technically it has no limit. A few months ago they increased it to $16,500, but it doesn't do me much good because of the no limit thing. I can carry up to $16,500, but would never carry on this card because higher rate than non rewards cards. They don't report the limit, rather they only report the high balance of $13,501. If I hadn't had that one huge month of expenses it would be hurtful. I charge anywhere from $1,700-$3,500 month on it, but if I didn't have a big balance at any point it would like my util was really high.


I think with their annual fee they do have to give you a decent limit. It wouldn't make sense to pay $60/yr for a card if you weren't charging a bare bones min of $2K/mo.

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