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Mini App Spree!

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Re: Mini App Spree!

Alright so I'm 2 for 4 right now with my apps.


Citi - waiting to hear back from their EO. rep from there is having the "credit policy" dept manually review my app.


Discover - their EO is much quicker to respond than Citi. the person I'm working with at Discover also had their credit dept do a manual review. she called me back this morning with an update: "I want to let you know that we can approve you for an account..." almost got excited and then heard "...with a qualified co-applicant." Smiley Frustrated I told her I'd think about it and call her back. I really don't have anyone that would fall under qualified or who be willing to put up their name so I can get a cc. I'm thinking about calling her back and trying to negotiate a small limit to build history with them. What makes me sad is I agreed to let them pull EQ for another review (they pulled TU initially) and even after 2 pulls total I'm still having to use a cosigner. Bummer! Will update if things change.


Also, I've been a little more saddened to see my real FICO scores coming in on these approval/adverse action notices. I use USAA CCMP and they show significantly higher scores than the actual numbers.


Real FICO EX 670 EQ 672 TU ?

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