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Minimum FICO for prime cards?

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Re: Minimum FICO for prime cards?

I found far more informative than the other two. IMO. You type in the name of the cc,your state and it tells you what score person had if app/declioned.what cra was pulled and also there is a comment section where the applicant tells reason why declined.
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Re: Minimum FICO for prime cards?

just giving my experience recently with Chase so it might help....I applied for a Chase card and was denied, this is coming from a backline credit rep....they want to see a balance on no more than 5 cards with a utl under 25% on each. My score is only 630 and I do have 2 baddies that I discussed with him and he said they would not be an issue. Seems to me score is the last thing on the list these guys care about right now, they want to see you not having too much debt so you don't get into trouble.


Just wanted to add....I do have a ton (like 30) inquries on my report from app spree to begin rebuilding (yes I know so don't say anything lol) and because of said rebuilding my credit history is just now going to hit 2 years. The call I made was prompted by the info I received on the denial "too many recent requests for credit" 

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Re: Minimum FICO for prime cards?

I just (7/20/09) got my Chase BP Visa...2100 limit, EQ pulled, 665 FICO &  approx 60% util at the time. (now it's 45!!)


Not sure if it helps, but I've also had my mortgage with them for 2 years.

Starting Score: 02/2015 TU 709 - EQ 676 - EX 729
Current Score: 12/2017 TU 779 - EQ 779 - EX 782
Goal Score: 850

Bury me in the garden...last app 07.27.17

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