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Minimum income to get accepted for certain cards?


Re: Minimum income to get accepted for certain cards?

@smc4getnot wrote:

I personally have an intense love for Discover and Amex. Check out their pre-quals and see if anything pops up Smiley Happy

Looks like I may? have been pre-qualified for the Discover It Cash Card. I put my info in to check and thats what popped up. Nothing for Amex sadly but I wasn't really surprised.

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Re: Minimum income to get accepted for certain cards?

@smc4getnot wrote:

While I'm sure income plays a part, I think credit worthiness plays a bigger part. I don't make a ton but I have substantial CL's on my cards. And I feel I'm getting those CL's because I am successfully working on my credit worthiness. Obviously a card with a high AF is not an option, nor would I want it (my PRG has a high enough AF, but my spend makes it worth it, on the other hand my BCP also has a AF and I will PC to the BCE bc that AF is just not worth it to me). Do you have certain cards you are interested in?


I think income has the larger role in getting initially decent/large sized limits (depending what your opinion is of that); once there there's a strong pattern of limits beget limits for a lot of lenders and ultimately spend matters in the equation, and I can spend non-trivially more than someone making minimum wage and I'm nowhere close to the 1% even.


When we're talking income in the margins, like 35k vs 40k yeah credit worthiness dominates, but 35k vs. 350K as some people (not me) have on this forum, said 35K person doesn't have chance other than right out the gate of getting similarly sized limits as quickly in my opinion if we exclude some of the CU's who often post large lines for not quite sure why reason, probably demand and standard fractional reserve banking... got to show they're pushing their money into the field!


If we restrict the dataset to Chase, Amex, Citi, think it's even more clear, maybe less so with BOFA and Cap 1 out of the big 5 or so.

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Re: Minimum income to get accepted for certain cards?

Last I checked, Discover prequalified was meaningless. Test it with a fake name and address
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