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More EX pulls after 2 AMEXs?

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Re: More EX pulls after 2 AMEXs?

bradmaster wrote:

I currently have four hard pulls (one in (7/11) and one in (10/12), now two in (1/13) :smileysad:), should I garden these first then apply for auto loan Smiley Happy?  

If your Equifax looks good, you should consider Penfed.  They pull Equifax once for Membership, and use the same pull for credit and auto loans in the next 90 days, I think.  There are lots of threads here detailing the approval scores, and documenting the single pull for multiple products.


The auto loans are 1.49% for up to 60 months, or .49% if you use their car buying service for both new and used.  USAA also pulls Equifax for car loans, and has rate discounts for using the car buying service.  


Military service is not required for either of these.


Every other bank and CU I've apped with for car loans has used Experian.

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Re: More EX pulls after 2 AMEXs?

Mr p-, thank you for your valuable input, I really appreciate it.


Just on a side note, you are truly inspiring - reviewed your journal and man, you worked really hard to get where you are today, seriously.


I was just wondering - do you believe what I have so far is good enough as far as CC is concerned (2 revolving cc and 1 charge cc)?  Or, should I add one more revolving cc and grow 3 at the same time?  Since I have best FICO score in Experian - I was thinking to take advantage of those institutions (BofA, etc.) and get approved for their VISA cc with okay limit.  


Or, should I wait and grow what I have - hopefully increase CLI on AMEX BCE by 3x ($6,000 by 61 days hopefully lol), and use that and see by that time - I may aim for higher limit at BofA 123 or any other cards?


Any suggestions, word and wisdoms much appreciated, thank you!

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