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More Navy Federal - Refi + Navcheck

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More Navy Federal - Refi + Navcheck

More Navy Federal love.  I just posted last month that Navy Fed gave me a $1500 cash rewards card with a 618 TU.  I received an invite to Refi my vehincle and called Friday to take advantage of "member appreciation week."  I ended up getting 4.5 points knocked off to refi (plus a $400 member appreciation gift) and struck up a conversation about navcheck.  I ended up asking for $2000 after a quick convo and they got me approved rather quickly..  It seemed too easy and afterwards thought that maybe I should have asked for more, but I'm already getting more from Navy than I think I deserve and didn't want to push my luck.  I know that in a year or two I'll have really nice limits with them.  Add in a $500 Cap One card that I qualified for and I've gone from only $700 of secured credit to $4700 in total revolving credit ($4000 unsecured) in the past 30 days.


I think I'll be stuck in the 615-630 range until late next year when some charge-off / collections finally fall off (all paid), but it's nice to be headed in the right direction.  And very excited that Navy Federal is taking a chance on me!  I'll starve to death before ever being late on a payment with them.

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Re: More Navy Federal - Refi + Navcheck

Congratulations!!! It's certainly nice when you can finally see yourself crawling out of the credit dungeon! I know, I've been there. Keep up the good work!

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Re: More Navy Federal - Refi + Navcheck

Congrats !!


I did the refi with them on my other vehicle last week. Got a 2.5% for 36 months (from 6.9%). Can't beat the $400  in your savings Smiley Happy

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Re: More Navy Federal - Refi + Navcheck

CONGRATS!!! Well deserved....use wisely..

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