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More love from NFCU!

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More love from NFCU!

Well after some long thought I decided to add one more credit card before I start my credit gardening process. 

After already recieving a Visa Cash rewards card with a $7500 CL (my largest by far) a month ago from NFCU I decided to try for their Platinum Mastercard.  This time it wasn't a instant approval online, took a review

in progress but I was approved after two days for a CL of $8000! Smiley Very Happy


I'm loving NFCU! 


Any thoughts on how much impact the new card and inquiry would have on my credit score?

My EQ is 724.  This would be the 3rd inquiry to show up on my report.  Fico simulator puts me in the score

range of 714-734.

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Re: More love from NFCU!

I'm thinking you'll take a 15pt hit or so.  Hard to say without know what else is on your credit and any other new accounts you have.
Where I was 8/22/08 TU 581 EQ 554 EX 615
Where I am 7/30/09 EX 737 (FAKO) EQ 689 TU 745
Can't wait to see what my scores will be when all my accounts hit the 1 year mark!
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