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More loyal to the store or card?

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Re: More loyal to the store or card?

If a store didn't take my card, I'd just use a different card. No biggie.


Customer service is everything though, good service wins the day with stores and cards.  Bad service = sayonara.

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Re: More loyal to the store or card?

Yeah, I have no loyalty whatsoever, and I don't usually care about lackluster service, unless the service is what I'm buying (like a massage or something). I'm extremely antisocial myself. But I did have someone at JCP throw my bag at me one time. I quite literally did nothing to deserve it, and I was super pissed about it for about two minutes. But I didn't hold that against JCP, and I'm sure that girl is long gone anyway. Some people don't need to work retail. Myself, included. And I do, though I only deal with people about 10% of my day. Sometimes I piss people off by my apathy, but I've never been rude to anyone. People are senstive. 


Now, if the store has like a $10 minimum to use my card, it would depend on what I was buying. Because I have run into that, and I just went somewhere else. Sometimes, I leave the house with just my ID and debit card, like when I go to the movies. If I wanted something there bad enough, I'd just go back later. 


But typically, if a store I want to shop in only accepts cash, I'll pay with cash (if I have any) or go get some. I don't really care. I'm after the product. But it's very unlikely that I'm going to be inconvenienced in the places I usually shop in. The only place I go to I know doesn't accept Amex is the comic book store. And I don't have an Amex anyway. 


All this said, if Amazon decided to only take Visa and I didn't have a Visa, I'd get one for Amazon. 

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Re: More loyal to the store or card?

I faver the store due to a lot of the reasons already brought up. Mainly for me, I find myself going for the most convenient relative to good service.

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Re: More loyal to the store or card?

Actually, I happen to be more loyal to myself first. All others mentioned above benefit from that.
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Re: More loyal to the store or card?

Ditto: I buy at whichever store has the best intersection of price and quality and pay with whichever card is accepted which at that time gives me the best returns and happens to be in my wallet. I will often miss out on a cash/debit card only sale since I rarely carry cash (unless I know I'll need it) and only take the debit card if I need to get cash/am going away from home and don't know if I'll need cash. I have some limited brand loyalty when it comes to specifics, but that's also not set in stone.

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Re: More loyal to the store or card?

For me, It is definitely the store!!!!!!

I have credit cards I can use if I need to, but I always go by how I am treated in a store. There are stores I will not go to at all, and there are some I like the store, but will not got to certain locations.

If I have a store card for the particular store, its even better, but if not its not a deal breaker, as I spend what I know I can pay at that moment. I even use cash a lot! Smiley LOL


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