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Moving credit limits between nfcu cards

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Re: Moving credit limits between nfcu cards

I was told they are no longer moving limits. I tried in the beginning of July. Keep us posted and good luck!

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Re: Moving credit limits between nfcu cards

@Jccflat wrote:

I see that

it was never that long of waiting time for a reply ,

I guess short of staff because of the covid 19 the 

As others have mentioned, I'm sure they are swamped. Did you use the credit line increase/decrease prompt? That way it gets to the right group vs sitting in the general queue. I requested a reallocation between cards in April. It was completed within 2 days and the process was flawless. Of course only the east coast was lit up by covid at the time, now it's basically ravaging a good part of the country so I can only imagine the backlog. 


Maybe give a call so they can pull the request and move it to the top of the pile? Good luck !

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Next: CLI's, combine and/or close 2-3 accts. Hope to add a few business accounts next year.

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Re: Moving credit limits between nfcu cards

After three days with no reply I sent a secure message with 2 question marks 

Within two hours I got an answer and They granted my request of moving the limits ,


Upper new guy  taking a personal loan form navy works the same? because I borrow and pay back after a week and repeat ? Is it same as CLOC it's on my account and I can borrow whenever I want ?

And what is involved ? Allot of Documents to pe approved 


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Re: Moving credit limits between nfcu cards

Mine took nearly 10 days (!!!!!!) for a reply, but they granted my request. $14.5k was moved from my MORE Rewards to Platinum, lowering that to $14.5k but boosting my Platinum up to $40k.


That make the balance I am carrying on my Plat now less than 29% of the limit. So a few FICO points for me when it reports!

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