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Multiple CC inquiries count as one

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Re: Multiple CC inquiries count as one

Rhaeny wrote:

creditnocash wrote:

note though that its on each report. 

so if they pulled all three reports 3 times it will only be counted as 1 time for each report 

not 1 time for all of the reports. 


so for example my toyota loan. 

the dealer and toyota pulled all three of my reports. 

since i already quallified for the best rate they only pulled it once each =) and didnt shop me around as they say. 


so it should count as 1 pull on each report instead of 2

Huh?  I'm not sure which post you are replying to, but I was asking about credit card inquiries and not auto or mortgage inquiries.  I think we are mostly on the same page that inquiries for autos and mortgages during a small window (14 days to 30 days??) are counted as one.  The question is, is this the same case for credit cards?

i was just saying in general but i meant that for auto and mortgages. and its 14 days to my knowledge


cc inquiries always count for each one you do. 

they NEVER group together. 

sometimes if you apply for two cards one after the other the cra might think its a double and delete one but i wouldnt count on that. 


edit: thats if you apply for two cards from one bank. ie.. two amexs or two chase cards etc...

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Re: Multiple CC inquiries count as one

I wish multiple CC inquiries in one day counted as one. Ha, that would make apping alot less painful if denied!

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Re: Multiple CC inquiries count as one

In March I applied for auto loan in 3 different Honda dealers and now I have 3 hard inquiries on my TU CR at the same day. Do I have to call TU about that?

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