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Multiple Citi Cards

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Re: Multiple Citi Cards

Had prior relationships with citi till I closed the account 20 years ago never burned them.
Capital One Quicksilver 6,300
5/3 Truly Simple 2,300
5/3 Trio 3,200
Barclay Apple 1k
Citi Rewards+ 6,100
Citi Double Cash 8,300
Citi Simplicity 1,500
Home Depot 1,000
Discover 7,500
BB&T Rewards 4,500 BB&T Bright Card 4,500 Fico 8 Scores EQ=690 EX=670 TU=666 Scores and CL current as of 7/24/19 AAoA=7yr6months AoOA=17yrs
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