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My BCE, FICO Score, and Future Plans

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My BCE, FICO Score, and Future Plans

Hey Guys!


I finally got my BCE!! It's as beautiful as I thought it would be. I love the clear and shine of the square. Thanks for supporting me as I waited for approval, guys!


They also sent my FICO score, 751!


Factors that adversly affected score:

Length of time accounts have been established ~8 months per card

Proportion of loan balances to loan amounts is too high

Too many inquiries last 12 months - 4 before applying

Too many accounrs with balances


With all of that, I'm surprised I got it. Haha!


Anyways, I want to garden, but I spend a lot of money at bars. Like $200 in a weekend, and I was thinking, should I get another card for restaurants? Plus I eat out, so I might benefit. I could also sit in the garden for awhile, but before I do, I could maybe push my luck with one more cards. I'm 23, after looking around do you think a Citi forward would be a good idea?


Right now the only two cards I am going to use are: Amex BCE and Chase Freedom.


I could also get a Chase Sapphire... not sure. Would it be easier to have all my points in Chase? Or are the Citi Thank you points easy to use? I have a checking account so I get 10% bonus points and 10 extra points a purchase.


I'm just looking for opinions. My goal is to maximize rewards amongst the fewest cards without annual fees.


Thanks guys!


Capital One Platinum $750 (3/11) | Macy's $2K (1/12)
Chase Freedom $4.5K (8/12) | Chase Sapphire Preferred $5K (11/12) | Amex BCE $12K (10/12)

TU: 751 (10/1/12 - Amex), 747 (5/23/12 - | EQ: 718 (10/1/12 - myFICO)
Gardening since: 11/12/12

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Re: My BCE, FICO Score, and Future Plans

look my friend you had the most interesting cards that everyone would dream of.....maybe get something that really grow with you and then garden......i see most of ppl here getting to addicted to apps and then their fico get ding and its take awhile for its to recover back.....but maybe if you really need somethign then go ahead and apps for it then garden......

Starting Score: 560
Current Score: 748 Wishlist: CSP, Simply Cash, SPG, BOLD, INK, United MP,
Goal Score: 800

Walmart: 10k |Usaa: 8k|BCE: 13k| Amex: NSPL|Dis: 9.4k|Cap: 5.5k|CAP: 2k|CSP: 13.4k| Pen:4.5k

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Re: My BCE, FICO Score, and Future Plans

I really miss Chase Freedom's 5% back from gas/restaurants as my spending habits seem to be the same as yours:-(. I'd stop apping though cause Ive heard you'll lose out on your 3xcli w Amex at 61 days if you keep opening new accounts or app'ing...
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