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My Barclay CC was cancelled

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Re: My Barclay CC was cancelled

mAndrew1980 wrote:

Another Barclays closure thread. Still don't think this is the norm but they really are sensitive to new accounts. Every time I get the itch to app one of these app's seems to pop up. I'm going on 3 1/2 months app-free since I opened Barclays. Only 2 1/2 more months till I can app again LOL.

good thinking. they initally gave me 1500; called back door as SOON as i got my card and asked for an increase. i was approved for what i requested which was 2600 (oct. 2010); i knew i had to leave this alone so fast foward to april 2011 and they automatically increased me 1k to 3600. i knew it was a bad idea to even request via hard pull at all. in fact i did not want anymore increases on this card. over and over again they denied my request to lower the standard purchase apr from the day i received the card which was a whopping 21.74 . finally i got sick of the lousy rewards program and poor quality voice calls in addition to not being able to pc. (jan 2012)


however, i must say they do have the very best credit analyst service. not only is it instant but friendly as well.

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Re: My Barclay CC was cancelled

bichonmom wrote:

Smug wrote:
Speaking of APPLE 2 more days till ipad3 newsSmiley Happy

Well, my iPad is only a few months old, so I guess I'll be waiting a couple of years! Smiley Happy



wow same deal here. i have to admit, i am a bit dissapointed with myself for not waiting longer. i am considering returing my ipad2 this year or next depending on the info i hear.

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Re: My Barclay CC was cancelled

CreditCrusader - great advice.
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