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My EX FICO is.....

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My EX FICO is.....

747 from Amex!!!


I just tried for a CLI but was denied, but finding out my EX FICO is 747 is a good enough consolation prize! They denied my CLI for too many inq's (9 on EX)


I've just been using Discover's CreditScore Tracker for monitoring EX and my FACO there is 728.



Discover IT $35K | FNBO Visa $30K | Cash+ Visa Sig $19.5K | Southwest Premier $16K | Priceline $15K | Citi Forward $14.3K | US Bank Plat $14K | Commerce Bank $13K | CSP $13K | CSR $10K | Sallie Mae World MC $10K | Lowe’s Consumer 10K | BoA Cash Rewards 1-2-3 Sig $7.5K | Fidelity Visa $7K | Citi Double Cash $6.5K | WF Cash Back Visa $5.4K | Capital One Cash Rewards $5K | AMEX BCE $3.9K | Freedom $2.5K | Younkers/Comenity $2.4K | Kohl’s 1.5K | Target $1.4K | EX FICO (from AMEX): 768, TU FICO (from Discover): 797, AAoA: 4.4 years
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Re: My EX FICO is.....

Wow HUGE congrats!!!! 


I cannot wait to be there one day.

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Re: My EX FICO is.....

Finding that your FICO is close to 20 points higher than your FAKO is even more of a consolation. Generally it's the opposite Smiley Happy

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Re: My EX FICO is.....

Did your CLI request involve a hard pull or was your score based on a soft pull?

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