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My First CLI with Macy's!!!!

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Re: My First CLI with Macy's!!!!

Pappy214 wrote:

First off congrats to LisaJ for getting the GLI from Macy's. Second, who did you call?


Just curious since my DW is already at platinum level in spending this year, but has received no GLI and no platinum card. (They told her on the phone it is every six months for increases and only once a year (at the end of the year) for card upgrades.

Call again, number on back of card.
I will fight with a CSR if they give me wrong information and tell me to get someone on the phone that knows there job and the credit product I'm calling about... I'm sorry but I'm not going to loose rewards, or improved credit scores because I get someone on the phone that doesn't like there job and therefor does not take the time to learn the rules at the bank they work for or the way upgrades, rewards, cli etc happen.
Macy's MAY have switched to the once a year card upgrades like Bloomingdales did, but if you talk to the right person you can still get the upgrades done and for GLI, they are VERY MUCH STILL EVERY 3 months 


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Re: My First CLI with Macy's!!!!

Not only were they super nice, she asked me if the amount was ok. Didn't want to be I said I thought it was a nice increase!


This was the store card, and I did call the number on the back.  I spoke to Cynthia.  Smiley Happy


What I said was that I saw the sales flier for the weekend and was excited about the kitchen sale, could use some new cookware, and was I eligible for a GLI?  And I verified my account info, and PRESTO!!!!


YMMV, but I really think you should try again.  Smiley Happy  I hope it isn't only once a year...BUT,  I am still glad to have the GLI.


WOW! EQ when I joined myFICO: 657. Ups and downs and a few bumps and bruises, but finally back over 700. Whew!

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