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My New CSP


My New CSP

So after 2 days of spending to reach the $3,000 needed for the sign-up bonus, I finally got my first comment on the card (although it has received some stares and funny looks before). A cashier at subway said the card was heavy and then proceeded to ask me questions; "Is this a bank card?", "How do you apply for credit cards?", and "Do you regret having a credit card, does it actually help you?".


Also, I had to purchase some business supplies to be reimbursed at Sam's Club. Of course, they don't accept Visas so that's $220 I lost out on. But I am so far up to $200.36, only $2,799.64 more to go lol.


EDIT: Also, not sure if this is in the right board, or if it belongs in Credit Cards.

Capital One Platinum MasterCard | $2,000 | 05/08
Macy's Store Card | $1,500 | 09/09
Chase Freedom Visa | $3,100 | 11/11
Discover It | $750 | 03/12
American Express BCE | $1,000 | 11/12
Chase SP Visa Signature | $8,000 | 12/12
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Re: My New CSP

I took my girlfriend out for a nice evening on my BCE to work on the 1k in 3mos - which is severely easy but I figure we'd kick it off on some leisurely activities. Went to dinner, shopping at Best Buy and then the movie theater.. and instead of going to a big name theater like Regal that accepts Amex I went to our local theater not thinking that they probably don't accept Amex and guess what? They didn't accept Amex so I lost out on $20 - oh well, but I've found my first merchant that doesn't accept Amex.. I'm sure I'll stumble across plenty more.

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