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My Next Report

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My Next Report

I just paid off each and every credit card I own. Those being Kohls, Chevron, CapitalOne, and Target. It is my hope that my score will improve from its current standing at 617. How long should I wait before ordering my next Fico report? When can expect the credit cards to report the new balance?


Thanks, Travis

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Re: My Next Report

Hi, Travis, welcome to the forums!

Odd, but important question: did you pay off the cards before or after their statements posted? If you paid a card to $0 before its statement posted (dropped, closed, appeared on your online account, etc.), then it will report $0 to the credit bureaus. If you paid a card to $0 after the statement posted, it reported that balance --not the $0, but the amount that you paid off --to the credit bureaus.

So if you're looking for a big score jump, you need to know which was reported --the balance due, or the $0 balance afterwards.

Most CC's update the night of the statement closing, or the next day.

Do you have a credit monitoring service that lets you pull updated reports daily? If so, you can then see when everything has updated. Otherwise, you'll need to wait for each card to cycle through.

btw, for best scoring results, have all cards reporting $0 (paid off before the statement drops) EXCEPT for one card reporting a token amount like $10 - $20. (Then don't forget to pay that off.) Most of us find that we lose points if all CC's report $0.
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