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My Success Story (still in progress)

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My Success Story (still in progress)

So I thought I would post a big thank you to everyone here, I may not have asked many questions but I have read a lot of the threads and gain lots of information.


So before getting started on my journey I was hovering around a 626 at the beginning of May. My Util was 70% and my limits were low except for 2 military star cards


NFCU Visa 1k limit

NFCU Mastercard 3k limit

Military Star Card 6k (take it home today)

Military Star card 8700


The first thing I did was get a consolidation loan at 17.75%(ouch) with the plan on lowering my utilization to boost my score to apply for a few 0% cards to transfer the loan to. My score jumped to about 670s after the Util drop, after reading through a lot of the forums and feeling very good about myself I stupidly applied for the Chase Sapphire Preferred because of the $400 bonus and was instant approved for $5k!! (what? my highest prime card). Then because of my start-up business I also applied for a Chase Ink Bold for the $500 bonus and was given the 7-10 days, I called and recon'd and gave them information about my business and was approved for another $5k!


Next I applied for a Capital One Plat Prestige for the 0% and was approved with a $500 limit(oh well sock drawer this card will go). Feeling good I tried to take my hand at gardening but I guess my green thumb just isn't there yet so after reading the mass that is the NFCU CLI how does it work I went and applied for increases to both my cards.


Bam instant approvals for $5k each, decided to try my hand at $15k each and was counter offered to $12,500 on both cards which I graciously accepted. Then I decided to call in to have my cards changed from nRewards to a Platinum and a CashRewards, while on the phone with the rep she asked if I would like overdraft protection and I was like sure as I didnt here her say checking line of credit and it would be a HP (doh!) well she said they will give me a decision in 3-5 days! Well I received my documents in the mail and I was approved for $15k LOC!!


So then I was was estatic because of the credit limits I have added to my report in just a short 2 weeks! You would have thought I would have been satisfied but nope I didn't get any 0% cards that I was originally after but I did get 90K UR points from Chase. Well I decided to apply for a Barclays Card since I didnt have any INQ on Trans. So I apped for a US Airways card for the 0% intro offer and was declined due to INQ I decided to recon and was approved for $2500. I then received a pre approval email from USAA for one of their cards and 0% intro I app'd and got approved for $3500 another win.


Thinking I did tons of damage already I went into the garden but then I started getting Chase freedom mail offers for the standard $100 cashback, well theres only 3 cards left I really want to get for everyday purposes and traveling next year and thats Chase Freedom, AMEX plat, and AMEX BCP. I saw that chase soft pulled my report after all of the inquiries posted so I went on the site to see if I had any pre-qual offers and there weren't any, I checked for mailed offers and the website didnt list any. Well I pulled out the mailed offer I got and put it in and it pre listed all of my information, I decided why not, pulled the trigger and applied, instant approval for $4000.


After the dust has all settled and my new limits have posted to my credit report minus the USAA Amex and the Chase freedom, my score jumped up to 720s-740.


Went on a crazy spree and my score jumped up about 100 points!


Well I can truely say that I am off to the Garden to let all of these accounts age and be satisfied that next year the only cards I want are 2 Amexs and I am done and will seek only CLIs from here on out.

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Re: My Success Story (still in progress)

Man that is quite the spree! Congrats on some very nice cards though!! I'm sure your garden will be green in no time.

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Re: My Success Story (still in progress)

Damn that is f-ing awesome......congrats.....I honestly can not wait until I"m in the 720 range, hoping by the end of the year I'll be there, until then, I'll just be chilling in the garden lol

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Re: My Success Story (still in progress)

Now that is a great success story!  Congratulations to you!

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Re: My Success Story (still in progress)

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Re: My Success Story (still in progress)

truly inspiring, as I'm in the similar route as you are!  Congrats on your success and thanks for sharing!

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