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My credit story / Questions

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My credit story / Questions

I applied for my first CC out of boredom when I was 21 or 22 during a roadtrip from North Carolina back to NY. I got the Cap1 Plat MC with something like a 1k limit. A few months later I decided to try for a new one and applied for the Citi Diamond Preferred. During the final step there was a technical error on their side- so I redid my application. Two brand new Citi cards arrived at my door within the week with 3k and 2k CLs. It was probably over a year since getting the Citi cards that while shopping on Amazon I noticed their $30 offer. Since what I was buying was around $30.00 I took it and was approved for a Chase Amazon CC with a 3k limit. Two Months or so ago I decided to give Amex a shot and got the Amex gold with NPSL. One week ago I applied for the Discover IT card and was approved for 5,700. Last night I apped for the Chase Sapphire (approved for 6k) and right away apped for the Barclaycard Apple Visa and was approved for a 3k limit.


I'm done applying for a while, A goal is to be approved for PenFeds CC in about a year.



1) I'm 24, My family keeps telling me I have too much credit and will hurt me in the future. Truth?

2) Can my two Citi cards be easily combined into one 5k limit card?

3) Of my cards do any stand out as good cards with frequent CLIs that I should use more/most?

Amex Gold [NPSL], Chase Sapphire [6k], Discover IT [5.7k], Barclaycard Apple [3k], Amazon [3k], Citi Diamond Preferred (1) [3k], Citi Diamond Preferred (2) [2k], Cap1 Plat MC [2.2k]
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Re: My credit story / Questions

You have opened quite a few number of accounts - but it sounds like you did a few each year. I would not that it doesn't seem like you did very much research on any of the cards - for instance, you could have apped for the chase freedom/sapphire preffered and would have gotten the pretty generous sign-up bonuses. Also, I'm assuming that you didn't get the Amex PRG with the sign up bonus either but that you got the regular gold. I don't think you have too much credit per se but that would also depend on your income. I would garden and let the accounts age a little but I would research each of your cards and see what benefits come with each card and figure out how it best meets  your personal spending needs. 

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Re: My credit story / Questions

1) No, having too much credit will not hurt you in the future.

However, I would caution you to refrain from applying for any additional credit for the next 12-24 months in order to let your existing accounts age a bit. You mentioned that you weren't planning to app in the near future, which is definitely a good idea. Additional applications in the short term will eventually start to become denials due to high inquiries and low aaoa.

2) I don't see any reason why you wouldn't be able to. Probably best to call in and explain the situation to a rep.

3) Discover it and the two chase lines are pretty good cards to have.

Personally, I don't really see the appeal of the Amex gold though. depending on your spending the premier rewards gold gives you much better rewards for a $50 higher af, and the green will basically give you the same thing as the gold for a $30 lower af.
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Re: My credit story / Questions

Welcome to the forum!

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Re: My credit story / Questions

Thank you for the replies- especially the warm welcome Smiley Happy


My recent applications were mostly made with the intent of getting my utilization down. I didn't care much about rewards at the time. I'm still learning...

Amex Gold [NPSL], Chase Sapphire [6k], Discover IT [5.7k], Barclaycard Apple [3k], Amazon [3k], Citi Diamond Preferred (1) [3k], Citi Diamond Preferred (2) [2k], Cap1 Plat MC [2.2k]
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Re: My credit story / Questions

welcome here... Smiley Happy best you got started early in learning about credit...just the typical advice of being responsible with the cards you've got will help you tremendously as you get older...wish i found this place when i was 24! lol...welcome again here...

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