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My first pre-approval guess where its going...

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Re: My first pre-approval guess where its going...

creditnocash wrote:

distantarray wrote:

creditnocash wrote:

its funny i got three discover pre approvals in a row. 

and shredded em all. 


then with my score actually going up. 

first premier and cap one started sending me approvals. 

hell no. lol. 


im already in with chase and amex so im good. 

lol First Premier sending offers LMAO glad you didn't take the bait, Amex would might cut you if you did =)

cant forget credit one. at first i thought it was cap one. lol


and for some reason they all send at the same time. 

3 cap ones in like a week period. and my father got a cap one pre approval the same day i got mine. 


hmm targeted families =/

lol I wonder if Orchard gets a blacklist as well from companies like Amex, luckily for me I had an Orchard card but it was always HSBC on my reports so it didn't look bad =)

total credit limits $108,400 Credit scores Ex 728 EQ 738 TU 758
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