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My last credit app (at least for the year) - Chrysler Mastercard / FNB of Omaha

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Re: My last credit app (at least for the year) - Chrysler Mastercard / FNB of Omaha

Volpes wrote:

woo hold on here. After looking around in the online account, my 0% balance transfer offer has a limit - $300.


lol, I'm not even going to bother.

I have the card, started off at $4,100 in September of 2012. I had two student loans that were reporting 60 day lates from May 2008, and had a credit card with a $4,800 limit, as well as my HSBC $300 card. I got a SP offer a few months later up to $8,600 a few months ago. i just got it up to $10,000 on the 15th, with a hard pull since there was no SP offers on my account. They will AR your account about once every three months, as shown on my CR. Good bank. Great BT rates also. Only thing I do not like about the card is I sold the Chrysler two months after getting the card, and they told me that I can not PC it to a regular card since the rewards will not work for me anymore. I was told to reapply, but not guaranteed to keep my current credit limit.

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