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My little app spree...what a difference a couple of years makes

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My little app spree...what a difference a couple of years makes

So, my road to credit re-building began almost 4 years ago. I did the debt validating thing, disputed things on my reports, and eventually the few things I had on my reports were either taken off or fell off. The biggest one being Providian which just fell off a few months ago.

I applied for and received a First Premier and Capital One card (secured), each with a $250 limit. In March 2005 I got a non-secured Orchard and a Chevron card each with $300 limits. In September 2005 my Cap 1 went unsecured and they bumped me up to $500.

I kind of messed up with First Premiere and ended up have a 30, 60, and 90 day late with them but paid the card off and closed the account in Sept 2006, before the annual fee hit.

Fast forward to this year. Chevron actually increased my credit limit to $600 back in Nov 2007, got a Hooters ($500) a few months ago, and got my biggest card approval thusfar in Wamu (pre-approved mailer) just about a month ago ($1000 limit).

My app spree in the last 2 days includes the following:

Macy's $300 approved
Capital One MC $500 approved (so now I'll have 2 Cap 1's)
Best Buy Rewards MC $300 (pre-selected mailer)
Walmart 7-10 day message
JC Penney 7-10 day message

I also called Cap One and got a $250 CLI (1st increase in 3 years) so now it has a total CL of $750. With the approval of my NEW Cap One, the Orchard will be paid all the way down and will be living among the socks. Smiley Happy

I know this is a long message but I wanted to show those who may be discouraged that it CAN be just takes time, discipline, patience, and a little work. I haven't made a late payment since 2006 with my First Premiere and I most of the time I pay 80% of the balances on my current cards before the statements hit. I had a medical collection for $600 from a couple of years ago that fell off all 3 of my reports for some reason (NOT complaining) and the only other baddie I have besides those late payments is an $88 collection from March 2007 that I have no clue about but I'm trying to get it gone, too.

One day I WILL have a clean report, scores higher than 600, and maybe some better cards with higher limits Smiley Happy GOOD LUCK to you ALL....(BTW, no more apping for me for now...time to let some history grow)

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Re: My little app spree...what a difference a couple of years makes

Thanks for sharing! I'm at the begining of the journey and its good to hear that there's some light down the tunnel!
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