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My score wont increase.....

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Re: My score wont increase.....

i known i dont count on those score but on my current score its a Fico Score that's the main thing i count on........and i know those baddie holding me back but really i kinda debate if i really want to paid that.....i mean i know how those stupid collection out there try anyway just to crash your credit for fun even we tryna work hard to rebuild our credit file ...........but the main thing is i really dont wanna re start the 7 years clock again because i heard a lot of sad story about how collection tell you one thing and do i guess i pass for now...well just for now........but thanks for your advice.......i just need to hit that 700 and i would try as best as i can

Starting Score: 560
Current Score: 748 Wishlist: CSP, Simply Cash, SPG, BOLD, INK, United MP,
Goal Score: 800

Walmart: 10k |Usaa: 8k|BCE: 13k| Amex: NSPL|Dis: 9.4k|Cap: 5.5k|CAP: 2k|CSP: 13.4k| Pen:4.5k

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