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My thoughts behind the AMEX AA

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My thoughts behind the AMEX AA

Quite often here I have read about the dreaded AMEX CLDs (and experience in my own) ... and these threads go on and on about why and what the OP did wrong and everyone tries to guess the reasons behind (well..most of the anywho .. this is what I think


When you or your spend has triggered something in the AMEX world, big BT, large spend or just making monthly payments the AMEX "eyes" are now on you .. well they now CLD your massive to major CL down to about 100 bucks of your balance owed .. this can cause all kinds of anger, confusion and plain ol hurt feelings and everyone shaking their heads and saying "why me"


When you contact AMEX, they always say (well 9/10 times) if you pay X$$$ (usually 1/2 bal owed) by this date we will restore your limit back to the original CL.


Well here on MYFICO I have seen this over and over (and as I said personal experience) and believe it or not, there are some on here that say "don't believe AMEX.. it's a trick" (seriously they say it) .. it's not a trick,


YES Virgina there really is a way to believe a customer service rep ..


My thoughts are the reason AMEX dose this for a reality check, I mean we all put our income (and assets) out there for AMEX to see and judge for our CL and if it's really what we say it is, we should have no problem paying it .. simple fix to a problem .. pay what they ask and you CL is restored and no perm damage or if you can't or don't wish to, then don't. But whatever you do, don't make it personal (hard, I know)


like I was saying .. just my thoughts 

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