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My wish list - Advice

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My wish list - Advice

Good morning! My current cards are as followed
Capital One Platinum - 1.7k
Capital One Savor - 10k
Capital One Venture - 13k limit
Amex SPG Busineds - 10k limit.

I like to travel and, as you can see, I dont have a TON of cards. I am looking into the travel cards since I travel a bit.
Below are the ones I am looking into and why.

Discover it - for the 5 percent quarterly bonuses.
Hilton Aspire - free night award plus the annual credit.
SPG Personal - Free night award
Chase Marriot - Free night award
Amex platinum - Flight 5x award and lounge access and uber credits.
Amex everyday preferred - 50 percent bonus if used 30 or more times in a month
Amex Gold - Dining and Supermarkets
Jet blue plus (fly jet blue often and 5k points every year)

In my opinion the benefits of these cards, if used properly, far outweigh the fees.

I just got the spg business a month ago and plan to apply for spg personal in 2 months and then after I get my rewards for that apply for the Amex Platinum

I am new to the CC game so any advice would be appreciated; such as, order I should get the cards or attempt to. Smiley Happy
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Re: My wish list - Advice

If you eat out or buy groceries a lot and can justify the AF, I’d say go for the Gold. Also, why you still have that Platinum?? Lol
Discover It: 19.7k
Amex ED: 18k
Citi DC: 6.7k
Citi Rewards+: 3.6k
Bank Americard: 2.8k
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Re: My wish list - Advice

I'd go for the Gold too knowing I can outweigh the AF. But as of now, I can't. Boohoo for me haha
I also agree about the Platinum, lol. Try to combine it with your Savor Smiley Happy

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Re: My wish list - Advice

I used it to build my credit and capital one won't graduate it. It's a secured CC Smiley Sad
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Re: My wish list - Advice

Have to do the math and check the perks, If you can justify AF on amex platinum w/c manufacturing spending, sure. Understand platinum provide only 1x for everything except airlines.

Gold is a versatile card that can be a good option. The AF is easily offset by natural spending.

Other good travel cars would be csr, prestige. Again you have to be able to justify the AF. Prestige is currently unavailable for app.

Then there is wells propel, if you get a Wells visa siggy after 6 months of getting propel, you get 4.5% on all kinds of travel plus gas, dining with no AF.
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