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NASA FCU/Penfed/Fort Knox Questions


NASA FCU/Penfed/Fort Knox Questions

I'm presently gardening, but planning my next applications as my garden is a little lacking in depth and variety.


Couple quick questions:


I'm interested in either the Penfed Platinum Cashback Rewards or the Fort Knox Platinum Visa (both for the 5% cash back on gas).  Does anyone know which bureau(s) they tend to pull? Also, do either do a hard pull on joining the CU (and if so, can it be combined to the CC pull)?


Second CU i'm interested in is NASA FCU for their cashback card, pondering using it in place of my Freedom card for non-bonus category purchases.  Same two questions, which bureau(s) do they pull? do they do a hard pull on joining? and ifso, can the join pull be combined with the CC application pull?


If they do hard pulls on entrance that cannot be combined, I may push to join them sooner than later.  The CC apps are planned (tentitively) for this coming February.


Thanks for any info. 

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Re: NASA FCU/Penfed/Fort Knox Questions

Pen Fed pulls EQ upon membership application, have generally been able to re-use the pull for up to 60-90 days for credit app if this hasn't changed.  


NASA is an EX puller that at times has been known to pull all three.  


I don't think FKCU pulled for membership IIRC.  YMMV.

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