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NAVChek LOC---another question

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NAVChek LOC---another question

Okay for those of you who have had this for awhile I have another question.  I could have sworn in the paperwork I signed it stated I only had to sign it the one time even if I later had an account increase.  But when I went through the online thing to see if I could bump it up (I initially only asked for the $500 as that was what I needed & didn't want to be denied or sent for manual review) it was asking where I wanted the paperwork mailed to so I cancelled my app. 


Has anyone else had to complete additional paperwork to bump up their LOC?

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Re: NAVChek LOC---another question

It is my understanding that Navcheck requires a signed promissory note each time.  This is not part of the approval process, but is necessary for the approval to be effective.



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