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NCFU/PenFed AutoDenial After BKR?

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Re: NCFU/PenFed AutoDenial After BKR?

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Wait.. is that NFCU's new policy?? When did that start?

we first started notifcing it in the main NFCU thread about 4-6 months ago...I apparently just squeaked in before they closed the gates

Does the 12 months also apply to auto loans?

I should clarify - we're not talking about a hard-and-fast rule here...I'd say about half of the datapoints of an initial decline <12 months ended in approval on recon.  It just looks like they've taken the approval keys away from the computer on CC accounts right after BK, but are still willing to lend under the right circumstances.


Like all things in credit, YMMV

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Re: NCFU/PenFed AutoDenial After BKR?

Op, I definitely think you have a shot with both of them......please let us know how it goes! Good luck! 

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