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NFB Omaha

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Re: NFB Omaha

You're welcome!


I'm not sure what they will think about those judgements and collection, but if they have pre-approved you, then I say go for it. Pre-approvals aren't guaranteed, but it usually means you stand a good chance as long as your income is high enough.


Good luck and let us know what happens. It usually takes about a week to get your approval from them.

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Re: NFB Omaha

I'd put $100 they will not approve you with judgment/collection.  I had a 750 score when I had them during an app spear which netted me over 200K in lines in 2-weeks.  I used FNB because I wanted a wedding photo on the card  Smiley Surprised)  I had a great line, impeccable record  and 2 months later during a soft pull they noticed my inquiries and closed the account.  I didn't really care and I heard they hate inquiries - but I was pissed that I couldn't use my wedding card anymore  (this happened at the mens Toys 'r Us store..aka Home Depot!

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