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NFCU Approval

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NFCU Approval

I had not had a credit card for 10 years, other than a gov't travel card which does not report to my CR's, so last August I decided I should get one to help my score.  Not thinking I would be attractive to anyone I apped for Orchard and got a card with at $300 CL.


Well, I decided to pull my scores and saw where my TU was, so I checked to see who pulled TU exclusively.  I saw Wells Fargo, and since I bank with Wachovia which had just been bought out by WF I apped with them.  Instant approval with a $11,000 CL.


So, I pulled the trigger on AMEX Gold, got it, and went into gardening mode.


I hated that I ever got Orchard, and the measly $300 CL that would never grow much (plus an AF) really bothered me.  I made a plan to get another card around the time my AF would hit in August so I could dump them and have three prime cards.


I did some research, and Navy FCU became my card of choice.  I apped last week, and had a good deal of runaround (I thought).  No instant decision.  I called in a day or two later and they wanted check stubs and bank statements. I was told to call back in an hour for a decision, and when I did was told that no one would even be in to look at my file until that evening, so I should call back in 24 hours.  I called back the next day and was told it was still under review.  Yesterday it appeared on their website as "approved" so I called in to find out my CL.  The CSR told me that there were notes she couldn't understand on my file, but apparently the loan committee needed further information.  I told her the website said approved, which seemed to confuse her even more.


Fast forward to today and the account appears online with a $10,000 CL.  As soon as the card arrives and is activated I will kick Orchard to the curb.


Back to gardening mode. 

Starting Score: TU 672 EQ 654 10/20/09
Current Score: TU 775 EQ 783 EX 799 (PLUS)
AMEX Delta Platinum $35K, NFCU Visa Signature $30K, HHonors Reserve Visa $35K, WF $13.5K, IHG Rewards Club MC $25K
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Re: NFCU Approval

Congrats! I'm actually surprised that NFCU gave you a lower credit limit than your Wells Fargo. Its only a 1K difference but still, I thought NFCU would have done better. Maybe your CRs showed more utilization now then it did when you apped for your WF card. Congrats anyways, good score on the NFCU card!

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Re: NFCU Approval

Congrats. Smiley Happy


I'm curious: did you have direct deposit through NFCU before you apped for the card?  I'm planning to apply this Summer or late this Fall and am wondering if they'll ask for paystubs even if they are receiving them directly from my employer each month.  I would guess not, but you never know.  Just wondering if they asked for your paystubs because you don't use them for direct deposit.


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Re: NFCU Approval

Congrats. That is a very good starting limit.

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