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NFCU Approval

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NFCU Approval

I see a lot of questions / discussion about Navy Federal and wanted to post my experience for others with similar profiles.  I just joined Navy Federal on Monday and applied for an unsecured card on Tuesday.  I initially received the 3-5 day response and, just hoping it would help, faxed verification of employment/income (6 years / 60K) to a number I found on these forums.  My expectation was to be denied and use my savings to open a $1000 secured line.  On Wednesday I got a message that additional information was needed and I called into to verify identity by answering a few questions.  This morning around 10AM I get a text that my card request was approved!  I called and they gave me a $1500 credit line to start.


I have a score somewhere between 580 and 600 - at least according to multiple FAKO's.  I have between 5 and 11 inquiries depending on the bureau pulled.  I have two charge offs from 2006, two collections for those same credit lines, and a couple of small medical collections depending upon the report pulled.  All are completely paid, but I've not had any luck getting them removed.  I have an auto loan with 6 months of perfect payment history and a Cap One $700 secured with 6 months of perfect pay history.  I was at 29% utilization when I apped with Navy.


I haven't posted in some time, but I read every day.  I have been working hard on my credit since March of this year and it's a fantastic feeling to have an unsecured line.  Mostly, I just wanted to say what a ton of folks have said before me.  Navy Fed is awesome.  They are very considerate.  If they approved apps based on score alone, I wouldn't be approved.  I truly believe somebody took the time to see that all of my old lines are paid and my new lines are in good shape.  I would recommend NFCU to anyone that can find a way to open an account.


And thanks to everyone in this community that shares information daily.  This site has been key in my credit journey so far.

Experian - 728 | Transunion - 708 | Equifax - 701

NFCU cRewards - $22,000 | NCFU MC - $22,000 | Lowes - $10,000 | DCU Plat Visa - $7,500 | Navcheck - $7,500 | Chase Freedom - $6,000 | Ashley Furniture - $4,800 | Discover IT - $4,500 | Amex BCP - $1,000 | Cap1 QS - $850 | Cap 1 Plat - $700
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Re: NFCU Approval

Congrats on your approval!  Loving NFCU!  Smiley Happy

Starting Score: 642
Current Score: EQ 773, EX 780, TU 777 (All FICO)
Goal Score: 800+

Cards: NFCU Flagship 50K, DC 30K, BCP 28.6K, Arrival+ 25K, Citi DP 22.8K, CSR 20.5K, TotalRewards 25K, QuickSilver 20K

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Re: NFCU Approval

Congrats! You should get a letter in the mail from NFCU stating your score and how it was used to determing your CC APR. It'll either be your EQ or TU FICO b/c those are the CRs they pull.

-Rebuilding with CapOne Cash: $1.5k, NFCU cashRewards $8.5K, NavCheck $5K, Wal-Mart: $1.1K, Sam's: $1.2K, Amazon: $1.9K, Apple Barclay: $3K, Haverty's: $1.5K, GE capital: $5K, Sears: $250(AU), PP MC:$1.5K, CareCredit:$3K (closed 1st home 05/08/13)
Starting Score: 492-TU04, 480-EX FICO V2, 467-EQ Beacon 5 (Via Mortgage PreQual March '12)
Current Score: EX,EQ,TU (lender pull): 652, 659, 689, Walmart TU FICO: 691 (05/13)
Goal Score: 700

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Re: NFCU Approval

CONGRATULATIONS!  Welcome the the NFCU Family!

Starting Score: 639 (Walmart TU)
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Re: NFCU Approval

congrats I just got approved yesterday with no credit history at all first credit card ever 500 $ its great for me at this point
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Re: NFCU Approval

Enjoy your new card! Smiley Happy Congrats

Current: EQ 791 / TU 788 / EX 752 FICO's (MyFico, Oct 2012)

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Re: NFCU Approval

Congrats to you! Navy Federal is an awesome credit union, and once you're in and you take care of them, they will take care of you. I've been a member since 2001 and I have to say, they are wonderful! They gave me my first credit card over $1300 and it's been great since. 

Starting Score: 686 TU / 683 EQ 01/17/2013
Current Score: 703 TU / 691 EQ 10/04/2013 / 688 EX 11/12/2013
Goal Score: 700 across all three

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Re: NFCU Approval

Congratulations Smiley Happy nfcu rocks

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Re: NFCU Approval

Congratulations! I am waiting for identificaton verification and my next step is to apply. I have heard nothing but positives about them. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Smiley Wink

started mid 500's. Disputed incorrect items and within a month or two my scores have skyrocketed and continue to do so
EQ: 755 as of 8/2013
TU: 700
Experian(or as I call them, the devil) I have no clue, they haven't released my report
Goal=801 across the board!!! Not too far from this, hoping to garden until Christmas 2013
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Re: NFCU Approval

Following up to add additional info.  I was approved on 8/30 and got my card on 9/7.  Pretty quick turnaround.  Additionally, I received my credit notification letter today.  They pulled Transunion and my score was 618.

Experian - 728 | Transunion - 708 | Equifax - 701

NFCU cRewards - $22,000 | NCFU MC - $22,000 | Lowes - $10,000 | DCU Plat Visa - $7,500 | Navcheck - $7,500 | Chase Freedom - $6,000 | Ashley Furniture - $4,800 | Discover IT - $4,500 | Amex BCP - $1,000 | Cap1 QS - $850 | Cap 1 Plat - $700
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